What to Expect

Welcome to the very first instalment of our new blog about all things life. We might talk about recruitment and accountancy from time to time but please don’t hold us to that.

This isn’t your regular business blog. It’s a lot more personal...

I’m Andrew, and along with my wife and business partner Becca, we aim to introduce and discuss topics which will (hopefully) be of interest to you.

Expect key insights that we’ve gained from conducting thousands of face to face interviews over the past decade with a whole host of interesting people, as well as deep personal learnings gained from living what might be called the western capitalist dream, yet still feeling that something was missing.

A different discussion.

Expect discussion regarding materialism versus experientialism. Expect posts about the modern obsession with the more-more-more-win-at-all-costs-mentality. We’ll discuss the future of work and how it fits with societal trends. The notion of career will be explored and examined.

Expect articles about what it means to be a working parent. Has technology and legislation hindered or helped us and can we really have it all?

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What is ‘it all’ anyway?

Expect debates about flexible and remote working practices - both pertinent subjects gaining lots of column inches in the press.

Expect thought provoking articles about happiness. We’ll challenge you to delve deep into yourself to examine who you are and what you really want to be. We’ll also discuss ambition and the changing nature of it in the 21st century.

What will tie our narrative together will be people. How people think, live, act and function.

After all...people define culture, and culture defines companies.

Let the conversation begin...