Considering changing job? This is the place for you...

We love getting to know people. We take great pride in developing close relationships, providing a discreet and highly personalised service. That's one of the reasons why you won't find any of our vacancies advertised on job boards.


"The care that Andrew and Becca put into finding the perfect role for me was evident from the start.

They aren’t just interested in the role title but in the fit as a whole, from my career aspirations to my personal circumstances in order to make sure that they found the perfect fit for me.

Whilst other firms may inundate you with multiple roles, with Vero it really is quality over quantity, so much so that I found the perfect job with the first role they sent me. The level of support they provide through the application process really goes above and beyond, it not only helped put me at ease but also improved my confidence.

I cannot recommend Vero enough, it was a pleasure and a privilege working with them."

Financial Accountant