Group Finance Manager

Making the right career move


It's natural to be apprehensive about trying something new.

We were approached by the Finance Director of a privately owned energy services Group who had been struggling to recruit a Group Finance Manager for their growing team. They had engaged with another recruitment agency who had been actively sourcing for the role for several weeks, but had failed to find someone who really hit the mark at interview.

They were looking for an experienced qualified accountant, ideally someone who had an energy sector background, who knew the nuances of the industry, and wanted to continue to build their career.

The Finance Director was trying to future-proof his team. He wanted someone who could work closely with the Group FC to develop more robust systems and processes, foster strong cross-functional relationships and provide more meaningful financial information to their Management teams. He hoped that within two years, this individual would be ready to step into the Group Financial Controller's shoes when she was promoted to the FD role. Sounds great, right??

Unfortunately the search was proving really difficult. There were plenty of of suitable accountants on the market, but none of the candidates presented had the 'spark' the client was looking for; someone with real drive and determination to be instrumental in the overall improvement of their business. Essentially someone who wanted to make their mark, rather than just coming in to do a job.

Vero was engaged on an exclusive basis to manage their recruitment process.

Sourcing and selection

As the role had been actively marketed for a few weeks, most of the accountants in Aberdeen who qualified three years ago were aware of the role. Friends and colleagues had all received the same emails from agencies with the job specification, and naturally shared this around. Our first job was to ensure that the brand messaging was right and that the employer was being presented correctly to individuals who could be a suitable match for their requirement. Because quite simply, most of the people who were contacted knew nothing of the background and future opportunity on offer, and naturally passed it off as just another agency spec!

This process should be exciting - you're being courted left right and centre and it's the thrill of something new and forging ahead with your career. But making the right move can be more of a tricky task. Unless you're looking at a role in a different industry, most roles look the same. Without having intimate knowledge of the company, its structure and the personalities in the management team, how can you possibly know if the opportunity is right for you?

This is why we provide far more meaningful information at an early stage, rather than a job description with generic bullet points and a link to the company website.

We don't use generic job boards. You wont find Vero adverts running on S1 jobs or We do have our own Jobs page, and we use our company LinkedIn page to highlight some of our live vacancies. However many of our positions are never advertised, and are handled on a highly discreet basis.

This is why we like to build relationships with accountants who are passively considering a move (i.e. not actively job hunting) or those who are just keen to connect to keep up with key market trends and get some career advice.

For this role, we used a mix of content based social media marketing and active headhunting using our own network. From here, we worked closely with the individuals who were potentially interested in the role, ensuring that they had all of the information necessary in order to make an informed decision before committing to an application.


We're very selective about who we work with - both job seekers and employers.

When employers receive ten, twenty or thirty CV's, they have no option but to skim read and make quick decisions based on job titles and salary requirements, rather than taking time to understand your individual motivations, achievements and aspirations. It's pointless, and no one enjoys it. That's why we limit our shortlists to three to four candidates, to give you more visibility and in turn, increase your chances of securing the role.

Our shortlist consisted of four profiles; these include detailed notes we'd taken from our interviews with the applicants, followed by their career history.

Upon presenting the shortlist we had a follow up call with both decision makers - the Finance Director and Group Financial Controller. We discussed each candidate in detail, covering personality, career goals, personal ambitions and technical capability. All four candidates were invited to interview the following week.


It's one thing discussing a role with a recruiter, but it's a different thing entirely trying to "sell" yourself at interview. It can be a very daunting process for many people; whether you get nervous or not, there's always pressure to present yourself well and make a positive impression, regardless of outcome. You just never know where that interviewer could be in future...

We always hold thorough interview preparation sessions to give you the very best chance to represent yourself fully. Now that a lot of companies use Teams for first stage interviews, it's about far more than "dress smartly, smile and give a firm handshake"! Softer skills, how to prepare for specific questions, the format of the interview itself with questions likely to arise, backgrounds of the interviewers etc. These are all things we feel set you up to present the very best version of yourself at interview.

You'll always know the timeframe for interviews and feedback up front; i.e. how many people are being interviewed, what the process will be, and when you'll know the outcome. No more waiting around for weeks for an answer, unsure of what's going on in the background.

On this occasion, prep sessions were held with each candidate 48 hours before their interview to give them adequate time to prepare and come back to us with any further questions. Following each interview, we caught up with each candidate by phone to discuss their thoughts, and find out if there were any areas they didn't get the chance to cover during the interview. Sometimes in the heat of the moment we get flustered - we don't give examples/forget/waffle and later regret it.

Upon completion of the interviews, we held a thorough debrief with the employer. We discussed their initial thoughts on each candidate, strengths, weaknesses and their overall impression. This is also a chance for us to reinforce those areas you didn't quite get the chance to cover/examples you wanted to put forward.

All four interviews went well, but two candidates in particular stood out, so we scheduled second stage interviews for the following week. The unsuccessful candidates were regretted professionally, with detailed feedback as to why they were unsuccessful. It's something we feel is incredibly important, and we only work with employers who share this belief.

The final interviews included a presentation; we guided each candidate through the process thoroughly, including previewing their presentations and providing support as required.


Both the Finance Director and Group Financial Controller commented that their decision was made difficult by the fact that the individuals they met with were highly capable and engaged throughout the process. Both could do the job on paper, and both gave brilliant interviews.

However, one candidate stood out due to her open communication style. She had also commented from the first interview that she had "clicked with them". It's great when the feeling is mutual!

But this was still a massive decision and she needed time to consider. We gave her space (we're not sales people) and were there to answer any questions and give our unbiased advice as needed. After two days, she formally accepted and resigned from her current employer.

The unsuccessful candidate was regretted professionally, and was provided with detailed feedback as to why the other candidate was selected after the second interview. He left with a positive impression of their business and was grateful for the time they'd spent invested in the process, and for giving him some positive feedback with areas to work on for his next interview.

Every project is different, but this hire took just over four full weeks to complete from kick off to acceptance of the offer. It's relatively quick for a two stage interview process, but the client was fully invested, and due to our unique model, we were able to keep up momentum for the applicants.

This is what the successful candidate, and the client, had to say about their experience working with Vero.


"I'd been working with my previous employer since I left university, they'd paid for me to undertake my studies and I'd been lucky enough to secure regular promotions. When Andrew contacted me on LinkedIn I just expected it to be another cold job spec from someone who hadn't taken the time to read my profile or ask me if I was looking for something new before launching into a sales pitch but I was wrong.

Andrew and Becca were a great source of information, they supported me as I tried to negotiate a salary increase during my last annual review (there was a significant pay gap between myself and colleagues who joined the business as qualified accountants). Ultimately when I realised I was being undervalues, they were there to hold my hand as I navigated my job search.

At each step in the process I felt comfortable and confident in their approach to support me, and I'm now 15 months into a very challenging and rewarding role which should set me up to achieve my short and long term goals.

I can't thank them enough and I continue to recommend them to my friends and peers."


"This was our first experience working with Vero. I had worked with Andrew and Becca many moons ago so I was intrigued by their business model. I've used recruitment agencies for most of my career, both as a job seeker, and as an employer, and the service from Vero blew me away.

From the initial conversation it felt different - we were challenged on our recruitment process, provided with real market data and relevant information to help us revise our offering and ultimately we were able to create a far better opportunity based on this.

Their professionalism and energy set them apart, coupled with clear communication and a targeted shortlist of brilliant candidates.

Our new Group FM is a breath of fresh air and we look forward to seeing her continued growth and development in the years to come. I recommend Vero without hesitation."

Making the right career move can be daunting. So many different paths, so many different benefits packages (and so many recruiters). It can be really difficult to know where to start, and to work out which opportunities are right for you.

If you're considering your options and would like to have a confidential discussion to gain some open, honest and impartial advice, we'd love to hear from you.

The best way to start a conversation is to contact us directly by emailing to set up a chat.