A pleasure

It was a pleasure to work with Andrew and the Vero team on a recent recruitment process for our internal assurance team.

Andrew’s market knowledge is second to none and he quickly identified four exceptional candidates and worked collaboratively with the recruiting team as we took the candidates through the interview process to a final recruitment decision.

Recruiting can be time consuming and stressful, but with Vero’s help this was neither.



My trusted source for invaluable advice

I recently had the privilege of collaborating with Vero Recruitment, and I am eager to express the remarkable journey I've had as a candidate.

My professional relationship with Andrew spans almost 15 years, evolving into a meaningful friendship. Andrew has consistently been my trusted source for invaluable career advice. His profound industry knowledge, coupled with a genuine commitment to understanding my aspirations, has made every interaction insightful and tailored to my unique needs.

Vero Recruitment, recently played a pivotal role in securing a senior interim role for me. Andrew's dedication to identifying opportunities aligned with my skills and ambitions was palpable throughout the entire process. From our initial discussions to the final placement, Andrew showcased a level of professionalism and efficiency that truly distinguishes Vero in the recruitment landscape.

What sets Vero apart is not solely their knack for matching candidates with roles but the sincere care they demonstrate for each individual's professional journey. The personalized approach and meticulous attention to detail make Vero Recruitment the epitome of excellence in the recruitment industry.

In conclusion, my experience with Vero Recruitment has been nothing short of outstanding. Their unwavering support, wealth of experience, and unwavering commitment to success make them an invaluable partner for anyone navigating their career path. I wholeheartedly recommend Vero Recruitment to professionals seeking a recruitment partner that consistently exceeds expectations.

Chief Financial Officer


Not just a recruiter - a career ally

I recently had the privilege of working with Andrew after being contacted about a potential role he thought I could be a good fit for. From the start Andrew's professionalism was evident. He possesses a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape, which instills a sense of confidence in any job seeker fortunate enough to cross paths with him. What truly sets Andrew apart is his selectiveness. Being contacted by him is not just a matter of course—it's an endorsement of your potential and abilities. Andrew handpicks candidates that not only fit the job description but are poised to excel in their new roles, ensuring that both the candidate and employer stand to gain significantly from the connection.

The most commendable aspect of Andrew's approach is his unwavering dedication to finding the 'right' role for you. He doesn't just fill positions; he strives to forge career-defining matches that align with your aspirations and expertise. His personalized approach and genuine investment in my career progression led to a placement that felt tailored to my professional journey.

For anyone fortunate enough to work with Andrew, you'll find his guidance to be invaluable. He's not just a recruiter—he's a career ally. I am deeply appreciative of his efforts and wholeheartedly recommend his services to any serious professional seeking meaningful advancement in their career.



They genuinely do care about their clients

I’m quite new to recruiting and Vero supported me with two vacancies in our Treasury Department.I view Treasury as a niche area so it is quite difficult to find the right candidate. The service received was tailor made and company specific. They demonstrated a great understanding of the company and of the role. The quality of candidates that we received was excellent, we had originally intended to hire 1, but walked away with 2!

Vero were very professional and happy to assist with any follow up queries that we had. They have also been in regular contact since our new recruits started, which demonstrates to me that they genuinely do care about their clients. Would definitely recommend.



Our go-to company

We have worked with Andrew and Becca at Vero for at least 10 years and they are our go to company when we are looking for high quality team members. Andrew invests the time to get to know not only the role, but the team dynamics, company culture and the way the teams like to work, this is invaluable when the short list is created as Andrew has ensured that the key criteria is already met.

The recruitment process is smooth from start to finish and the candidate is fully supported throughout the entire process and we are always kept up to date.



A revelation - both personally and professionally

Following recommendations from a couple of people, I first spoke with Andrew about two years before I made my move. I was in a senior position with my former employer, and had been for many years, but I had reached the point where I craved a change of focus and working environment.

I also spoke with other recruiters who had contacted me but Andrew really took the time to understand me, what drives me and what I was looking for – which even I didn’t know at the start.

He kept in regular contact throughout and his patience and understanding were very much appreciated. I really did feel that he “got” me. A few months ago he put me in touch with someone “just for a chat”. There was no specific role to be filled at the time. After a few meetings (interspersed with catch ups with Andrew), a new role was created and I accepted the offer. I haven't looked back.

What was a very daunting time in my life was made so much easier, thanks to Andrew. The whole process has been a revelation – both personally and professionally. Andrew has also kept in touch since to ensure things are living up to expectations. I can’t thank him enough.



Tailor made and personal

Vero supported with a number of vacancies in our organisation and the service received felt tailor made and personal. Using Vero felt bespoke, and this is their USP.

I found Vero to be amongst the most professional organisations I have collaborated with. Communication was concise with clear expectations from either party, met within deadlines, that Vero themselves set. In addition to successfully helping fill the roles/vacancies, Vero also provided a range of further industry benchmarking and intel that went above and beyond any service expected.



You are in safe hands

Vero offer far more than just a recruitment service – they are a trusted advisor and partner, and you always know that you are in safe hands even on the most complex resourcing challenges.

We have worked with Vero on several significant senior placements in the last two years, and the care, attention and insight we have had from them through those processes has been invaluable. They have placed some truly value add hires which have been testament to their commitment to make sure their candidates are not just technically sound, but culturally aligned to the business.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Andrew and Rebecca, and look forward to our next opportunity to work together.



A no brainer. 100% recommend

We recently engaged with Vero to assist with filling a Financial Analyst role and can say that the service we received was second to none. Having recently moved role within the last couple years through Andrew and Becca, it was a no brainer to use them when needing to recruit. The service I got personally when moving was first class, and therefore had no doubts about engaging with them to help fill the vacancy.

As always, Vero are very quick to get to know you and your business and suddenly feels like they are part of your team, rather than working on the outside. They engage and get to know your business and the requirements of the role which is key. There are no rushed parts of the process to get candidates in front of you, Vero ensure they are on your side and carefully select the right candidates for interviews. We were pleased with the three candidates provided to us, of which two were selected for interview and one successfully offered the position.

Although Andrew and Becca are based in Dubai, with their friendly and enthusiastic approach of getting to know you, it feels like they could be sitting next to you in the same room. 100% recommend Vero for your next recruitment drive, and will continue to use Vero going forward.



I felt heard and respected

Whilst feeling undervalued in my last role a former colleague suggested that I get in touch with Vero.

Within half an hour of submitting my CV I had received an interesting role specification that matched my skills and an initial consultation had been booked. Three weeks later I was offered and accepted that role.

Andrew matched my skills and my future ambitions to a company and a role that would enable me to work to my strengths, gain new skills and expand my experience.

The entire process was straightforward, informed and it was refreshing to go to an interview knowing almost as much about the interviewer as they did about me.

A personal and professional service where I felt heard and respected throughout.



Both a client and a candidate; I wouldn't use anyone other than Vero

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew and Becca as both client and candidate and cannot fault their approach from either perspective.

Vero take time to understand individuals and organisations alike and as a result they find the best fit.

As a client I would rely on Vero to present me with exceptional candidates ideally suited to the position and as a candidate I fully trust that I would only be presented with opportunities that are right for me.

Ultimately, the approach Vero take to the recruitment process is unique and sets them apart from other recruiters. I wouldn't use anyone other than Vero!



Flawless, difficult for me to fully quantify on paper

"From start to finish the service from Vero was flawless.

True guidance and support from the outset, coupled with a deep and thorough understanding of his craft, Andrew made me feel at ease despite the fact we'd never worked together before.

Andrew is genuine and I knew he was truly focussed on finding me the right individual for my team, knowing we had been let down in the past.

Andrew and Becca have a unique offering, which is difficult for me to fully quantify on paper. I will be recommending Vero to my peers when they seek to recruit, or search for their next opportunity."



Perfectly tailored and unique

Professional, perfectly tailored and unique experience from start to finish.

Having gone through this experience, I cannot see us using any other service to support our growing team in the future.



Above anything ever experienced with recruitment in our forty plus years in business

Our experience with Vero was far and above anything ever experienced with recruitment in our forty plus years in business.

Andrew took the time to understand our business and culture, providing us with a selection of perfect candidates for the role. The down to earth, genuine knowledgeable approach and attention to detail was very much appreciated.

We would highly recommend Vero for anyone looking for higher level finance positions.



Like chatting to a good friend who gives great advice

I first met with Andrew early 2022 after recently qualifying and had found myself with a number of LinkedIn messages from recruiters showcasing different opportunities. I realised pretty quickly that recruiters were sending me a lot of the same opportunities and left me feeling a bit overwhelmed on how to ensure my new role aligned with my goals and was tailored to me personally.

To start, Andrew just reached out for a chat to discuss my options and from that we had an in-depth discussion about my priorities and the environments I enjoy working in. Andrew really helped me feel at ease with the process and always made himself available to answer any questions. Andrew really went above and beyond in terms of helping me prepare for interviews and keeping in good communication throughout the entire process.

Fortunately it wasn’t long before Andrew was able to find a role for me that was a great fit and I’m really grateful to Andrew and the Vero team for being such a support throughout the process. The Vero team have the perfect balance of professionalism and understanding meaning, the whole process felt like chatting to a good friend who gives great advice!

Thank you again to the Vero team for all your help!



Would not use anyone else

Exceptional service throughout the whole recruitment process.

Would highly recommend Vero and would not use anyone else now.



The best I've come across

Andrew's approach to recruitment is the best I've come across. We met through LinkedIn but even that first message was different from other recruiters. He listened to my situation and understood it wasn't the right time. When I decided to look for another position there was only one recruiter to get in touch with and I'm glad I did.

Andrew listened exactly to what role I was looking for and the conditions I needed to fit in with my personal life. He was there at every step of the process with advice and support.

I would, and have already, highly recommended Vero.



A truly class act

I found Andrew on LinkedIn and thank goodness I did. A consummate professional from start to finish, he really does go out to bat for you. I found the recruitment process relatively straightforward. I put this down to Andrew’s talent in screening his candidates extremely well. I found that the client and my needs and motivations were in complete alignment which really helped streamline the process. I think this point is understated and really is what separates Andrew apart.

Having been quite nervous prior to the interviews, Andrew’s support was invaluable. Before each interview we would touch base, during which the preparation was detailed and in-depth. Also, Andrew’s persona puts you at ease, so I felt extremely comfortable asking him any questions about the process and potential outcomes, including any potential speedbumps.

I have since come to learn that Andrew is a well-known and respected recruiter in and around Aberdeen and it is clear why. His reputation of an energetic, kind and talented recruiter is well deserved. I cannot recommend Vero enough.

A truly class act.



Best experience in almost 40 years of employment

I've known Andrew for a while now but had never been in a position to utilise his services as a candidate.

Having worked in business for almost 40 years across international boundaries, I have quite significant experience of recruitment agencies and cannot say I have positive things to say about any of them until Vero came along.

From start to finish, Andrew's service was exemplary, taking the time to review my situation, my CV and my employment history. He listened well and was considerate and astute in his observations and comments. Following the initial sessions, Andrew took the time to find me a role that was aligned with our earlier discussions and also aligned with the employer's requirements.

A very informal interview due to Andrew's introduction and groundwork with the employer led to me being successfully employed by his client. From start to finish the process did not seem like hard work, it wasn't nerve wracking or stressful, and Andrew kept me informed at every step of the journey.

You won't have a better recruitment experience so don't waste time looking at other service providers, just go straight to Vero. I promise you won't regret it.



I wouldn't go anywhere else

Vero provided a highly bespoke and very efficient service as always.

Our chosen candidates have proven to be a perfect fit for the team (both from an experience and skills perspective as well as individuality which can be equally important).

Andrew understands the company and takes the time to understand his candidates securing people that can hit the ground running and add immediate value.

A great service and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.



Changing lives, not just careers

"Both Andrew and Becca pride themselves on providing an unashamedly selective service and their quality shines through from the moment you have your first discussion with them.

The time and consideration given to each candidate when discussing a role is above and beyond anything else I've ever experienced. Andrew took the time to really get to know me and what it was I was looking for and therefore only presented roles that required serious consideration as they were too good to pass by. In my experience this has meant a new role which has turned out to not only change my career, but also my life for the better.

The support provided in the run up to interview and throughout the offer stage, to commencing the new position was second to none. I particularly like the personal touch of the continued contact after starting the new role to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Cannot recommend Vero recruitment and Andrew and Becca highly enough, you will definitely be in safe hands!"

Financial Analyst


A perfectly tailored service

"My experience with Vero recruitment was excellent from start to finish, with a personal touch that really made a difference.

From my initial in depth meeting with Andrew, I felt that he was genuinely driven to match me with the right job for me, while at the same time finding the right person for the company. The jobs put my way were a match for my skills and for what I wanted, and I greatly appreciated the helpful videos and pep talks before interviews, which helped me prepare. The quality of the jobs specifications was also great, which also distinguished the service from other agencies.

I really can’t fault the service I received, and I felt very well supported throughout from interviews to finalising contracts and starting at my new job.

Vero are specialists at what they do and give a perfectly tailored service."

Financial Controller


They helped me get my spark back

I came to Vero following a sustained period of work induced burnout. I was desperately seeking a new role outwith my previous company who I'd been with for nearly 13 years - an extremely daunting place to be.

From my very first conversation I felt at ease and could tell that Becca and Andrew would make this highly intimidating process as smooth and pain free as possible.

It was made very clear from the beginning that they cared passionately about finding the role and company which would provide me the best foundation to help get my "spark" back.

I'd been contacted by multiple recruiters via LinkedIn previously but following a personal recommendation which highlighted the unique exclusivity of Vero I opted to reach out and I'm so glad I did.

The support provided from application, interview preparation, job offer, acceptance and even as far as checking in to see how it's going a few weeks in is second to none.

I hope to continue this relationship with Becca and Andrew for many more years and have recommended Vero to many colleagues/friends since.



Outstanding service from start to finish

Having dealt with Vero in the past, they were always going to be our first choice when it came to recruiting … so we were straight on the phone to Andrew for our latest recruitment campaign.

Andrew and Rebecca provide an exceptional service from start to finish, they do a great job matching candidates to client and we were all impressed with the high level of candidates that were short-listed for interview. Their passion for recruitment shines through and the service they provide comes second to none.



Successfully filled all positions

I have worked with Vero for some time now and find them extremely helpful, the quality of candidates have met expectations and have successfully filled all positions.

Feedback and responses are given throughout the process, very professional service. Would highly recommend.



Cannot recommend them highly enough

“The Vero team did an excellent job for us.

They really understood the role, and the culture of our company. They selected some great candidates, from a variety of backgrounds, and we were delighted with the successful appointee.

We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Group CFO


Two of the nicest people

"Speaking with Andrew and Becca at Vero made a very daunting, albeit exciting, process much easier. Whilst not actively looking for a new opportunity I had been following their social media and got in touch tentatively when one of their opportunities caught my eye.

From the first conversation with Andrew, he helped guide me through the unknown of the recruitment process and ultimately helped find me in my role. Nothing ever felt like too much of a silly question to ask or felt too much of a nuisance and I felt very able to simply call and chat through anything I needed – unfortunately for Andrew it was never a quick call.

I’d recommend anyone who is maybe feeling apprehensive at pushing the button on finding out more about a role or simply thinking about their next challenge to give them a call. Honestly, two of the nicest people to have dealt with."



A completely different experience

"Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout this process. As you know, I was very nervous about moving from my firm and the added pressure of COVID and home working was a real concern.

You made the whole process so easy for me; I knew from the first call that the experience was going to be completely different.

My advice to anyone else in my position looking for a new challenge - speak to Vero. Andrew only presented me with opportunities which were a perfect match to my requirements, he prepared me thoroughly for interview and was always on hand to answer my questions and discuss any concerns. Every step was agreed upon in advance and I felt that I was in control, and never pressurised."

Financial Controller


Outstanding, the trust and connection was instant.

"The experience I've had with Vero has been outstanding.

I first contacted Andrew when I was considering leaving my previous role and we were able to have a very frank and honest conversation. The trust and connection was instant. I was able to openly talk about what I was looking for and he was forthcoming with help and advice.

When he approached me about the role that I am now in, the relationship that we had built meant that I knew he had carefully considered this opportunity before bringing it to me. You really get a sense that Vero strive to find the best fit for both the candidate and the client - not just to fill a role as quickly as possible.

I am pleased to say that the new role is going very well and I think that is testament to Andrew's ability to match a candidate to an environment in which they can thrive."

Business Analyst


A pleasure and a privilege

"The care that Andrew and Becca put into finding the perfect role for me was evident from the start.

They aren’t just interested in the role title but in the fit as a whole, from my career aspirations to my personal circumstances in order to make sure that they found the perfect fit for me.

Whilst other firms may inundate you with multiple roles, with Vero it really is quality over quantity, so much so that I found the perfect job with the first role they sent me. The level of support they provide through the application process really goes above and beyond, it not only helped put me at ease but also improved my confidence.

I cannot recommend Vero enough, it was a pleasure and a privilege working with them."

Financial Accountant


The service is unique

“I am delighted with the service the Vero team have provided us over the past 18-24 months.

I have had several meetings with Andrew and he has taken the time to get to know me, our business and our culture. Andrew and Becca have done a fantastic job in providing us with candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

In addition the communication from Andrew both in written and verbal form has been first class. The service is unique to what I have seen from others and I would highly recommended utilising Vero for mid-senior finance appointments”

Finance Director


I'm so glad I placed my trust in Vero

I’m a recently qualified accountant with a background in audit. Unlike most, I had originally planned to build a career in practice and had no intention to make a move to industry after qualifying. Deciding to explore new opportunities was a huge and daunting step for me but I’d heard good things about Andrew and Vero from ex-colleagues. I knew that if I was to place my trust in any recruiter, it was going to be Andrew. And I’m SO glad I did!

As a candidate, there is nothing worse than receiving generic LinkedIn messages from recruiters around the country, looking to sell a job that has no relevance to you. With Vero, I was only ever presented with opportunities that truly suited me, both skills-wise and culturally. Andrew took the time to get to know me as a person and what I was looking for in my career. As a result, I felt completely at ease heading into interviews.

I am so excited to start my new job shortly and can’t thank Andrew enough for all his support, patience and encouragement. No offence, but I’m hoping that I won’t need their services again for a long time after the care taken in matching me with my new role and employer!

But, if the time ever comes, Vero would be my first (and likely only!) point of call and I’d recommend them to any of my peers without a moment of hesitation.



Always my first choice

I have been helped by Andrew twice in my career. Once for a staff job in a major operator in 2016 and once in 2022 for a temporary role with a different operator.

Both times Andrew has been incredibly professional, understanding and helpful. I simply can’t praise this company enough and their experience shines through all of the dealings with them.

I would always use them as my first choice - whether recruiting or job searching myself. Great service and always a pleasure to deal with them.



They will not let you down

I have known Andrew professionally for over 15 years now and he has placed me in 4 positions during my career and I believe that my career and recruitment requirements are best served by Vero.

The support he has given me through my career has been second to none. From all the way through the interview stage, to help with interview preparation to supplying helpful videos to help prepare for interviews to helpful discussions before interviews which made me more confident and prepared for anything that was presented to me at the interview stage to starting my new position was second to none. I believe with his help over the years he has helped mould me into the finance professional that I am today.

I cannot recommend Andrew and Vero Recruitment enough they give a very professional and personal services and you will not find a more trustworthy and honest recruitment consultants anywhere in the industry. They will not let you down and you will not be disappointed.



They gave us the cream of the crop

From the moment we engaged with Andrew, we knew that he would do a great job.

The time, effort, and detail that Andrew and Becca put into the background of a role, candidate search, shortlisting and interview prep for the candidate is next to none.

Andrew's openness and honesty about timelines of the process and what the process looks like with Vero, let us know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

The time taken to speak with the Hiring Managers to find out the exact needs of the role, along with the detail gone into finding fits for this along with the company culture, ensured that the shortlisting gave us the cream of the crop to choose from.

Looking forward to working with Andrew and Becca on my next finance role.



More of a confidant than a recruiter

"The Vero way is refreshingly different. The approach and treatment I have received from Andrew has been exceptional. Andrew takes the time to get to know both you as a person and you as a finance candidate.

I've seen Andrew as more of a confidant than recruitment agent and i'm exceptionally thankful for his input and advice over the last 9 months. I received only relevant opportunities which were accompanied with a detailed conversation.

There is comfort in knowing Vero will only work with companies who share their values, meaning increased confidence in the potential future employer from the start of the process. I recommend Vero to anyone looking for a role in finance, or hoping to recruit in finance and recommend they be your first call."

Finance Manager


So grateful for finding Vero

To this day I am still so grateful for finding Andrew and Becca at Vero.

From my very first conversation with Andrew, it was clear that he truly wanted to find the perfect role for me and got to know me as a person. He took the time to find out exactly what I was after and was very easy to speak to.

Vero provide an exceptional, outstanding service and I would highly recommend them. They are fantastic at what they do and it was a real pleasure working with them.

Andrew, I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support in finding the perfect role for me (and for all the running advice along the way too!)



A truly professional recruitment Partner

I would thoroughly recommend working with Vero for mid/senior level finance recruitment in the Aberdeen market.

Andrew takes the time to really understand your business and the specifics of the role. He provides frequent progress updates and typically shortlists a high calibre of candidate.

He has broad knowledge of the Aberdeen market and is always available as a sounding board on recruitment matters.

A truly professional recruitment partner.



The gold standard in recruitment

"I reached out to Andrew in early January 2020 and we had an initial conversation outlining the type of opportunities that would interest me. Immediately I had a positive feeling about the process - one that I hadn’t felt before from meeting other professional recruiters.

I was specific in the type of Job I was looking for; from the job role to the structure and values of the business. Throughout the year, Andrew and I had constant dialogue regarding potential opportunities and the ongoing recruitment landscape. These were informal conversations which would entail a coffee in the park or a quick catch-up call - but importantly, every interaction showed Andrew was invested in the process to ensure my next job was a perfect fit.

Once an opportunity arose which met my criteria, Andrew was very efficient in presenting my CV to the prospective management team. I felt he did it in a manner that was honest to who I am while highlighting the qualities that I would bring to their team.

This meant when going for the interviews I felt that the CFO and CEO had a clear picture of the type of individual I was, allowing me to build and further demonstrate these qualities in the interviews.

Upon receiving the offer of employment, I felt Andrew handled my contract negotiations with impartiality, ensuring the terms were right for both myself and the business. The process of finding a new job took 11 months but the whole time I felt confident and reassured that Andrew was passionate, diligent and determined in getting the right fit for my specific requirements.

Andrew is the gold standard in recruitment, and I am so thankful I reached out to him as I don’t believe I would be moving into such a role without his involvement."

Financial Controller


You are informed, involved and consulted all along the way

“The end to end process with Vero is tailored to the individual. As such not only does it result in a role which aligns to your skill set and fulfils your aspirations but ensures that you are informed, involved and consulted all along the way. The combination of such a forward thinking approach to recruitment combined with a personable and considered delivery results in achieving the best possible of outcomes."

Senior Group Finance Manager


Completely different to other recruitment firms

"After having an initial discussion with Andrew in March, it was clear this service was going to be completely different to my experiences with other recruitment firms. Andrew took the time to understand me, not only as a professional but as a person too. This ultimately resulted in the first role that Andrew sent being the perfect one.

The level of support and guidance throughout the whole application process is exceptional. Recognising this was to be my first move in my career, Andrew took the time to understand and ease my apprehensions and really boosted my confidence throughout the process. He maintained regular and honest communication throughout which was both refreshing and reassuring.

Vero is a true value-add firm, checking in and providing recruitment and local market insight even when not engaged with you on a specific role application process.

Going forward, Vero will unquestionably be my recruitment firm of choice and one I would recommend in a heartbeat."

Finance Lead


I felt consulted...not sold to

"I'm often approached by other recruiters via LinkedIn, however from the initial approach I could tell Vero was different.

The service was highly tailored and personalised to me, at no point did I feel like a number. I was presented with two opportunities over the period we worked together and both were an ideal fit, I felt consulted, not sold to.

I started my new position as Finance Manager two weeks ago and I'm confident I've made the right choice. The CFO and I share an open communication style and it's refreshing. Thank you both so much for your guidance, support and advice."

Finance Manager


Boundless energy and enthusiasm combined with elite professionalism

‘I have worked with Andrew and Becca for a number of years, both as a Finance professional looking to advance my career and as a hiring manager looking to attract talented professionals for my team.

Their approach is genuinely different, they care about each and every individual they meet and take the time to understand individual and business motivations and personalities. They consider all aspects of an individual and team fit not just a CV and a job spec.

Their pre-screening approach has provided me with high quality and targeted candidates that have made the choice of hire difficult. A great position to be in while saving hiring managers valuable time in a busy and ever changing environment as we deal with the pressures of COVID-19.

Their personal and engaging manner is refreshing and inspiring and there genuinely is an 'above and beyond' manner about Vero.

They make you feel like part of the extended family and as such have now become a necessity in my life for my own personal career development and for managing my team requirements. Boundless energy and enthusiasm combined with elite professionalism.

What more could you ask for?’

Head of Finance


Great to work with

"It was great to work with you. It is clear you have a understanding of the finance market in Aberdeen both from a client and candidate perspective. I was impressed by the speed with which you came up with three candidates who were well aligned to the brief, including a range of backgrounds.

In addition, the level and frequency of updates throughout the engagement were spot on. I would recommend your services to others, especially in a tight market where recruitment efforts via LinkedIn or equivalent can prove to be underwhelming."

Finance Director


I know I'm in safe hands with Vero

"Andrew and Becca really do have a knack for knowing who to put in front of you. Looking for a CA, I knew I'd be able to find really strong technical accountants, but finding someone who fit our culture was always going to be a struggle. Or so I thought.

The three candidates Vero presented fit the brief perfectly, and had the 'wow factor' at interview. So much so, we've hired two of them.

Replacing myself within the business was an emotional process, with added pressure to get it right.

I know I'm in safe hands with Vero."



Second to none

"Vero’s approach to recruitment is very refreshing and the ability to have an open and honest conversation about candidates or opportunities is unique.

As a client, Vero’s approach to understanding the business and the opportunity was second to none and resulted in 3 excellent candidates who could have all been hired. They matched the brief and culture of the business with candidates who not only could do the job but had the right personality to fit into the team very well. This resulted in a positive experience for all concerned.

As a candidate, they are always available to discuss market conditions, potential opportunities and understand my career goals and targets. This continues to ensure a positive relationship and that there is no wasted time going through irrelevant opportunities."

Finance Director


Best in class

"Best in class !

I cannot stress how easy and effective Recruitment is with Vero. Working as an extension of your business, Andrew and Becca make the whole process from understanding what the business needs to scoping the role plus presenting and prepping candidates for interview appear seamless…..however as an ex recruiter I know that this is never as straightforward as it seems!

Always a professional, friendly service from Andrew & Becca who effortlessly manage and exceed your expectations, plus their knowledge of the marketplace and candidates is phenomenal.

Vero are the epitome of how recruitment should be carried out for both the employer and the candidate. Highly recommend Vero you will not be disappointed!"

HR Director/Consultant


Recommended as THE experts in financial recruitment

“I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Andrew over the past seven years, and have no hesitation in recommending him as THE expert in financial recruitment. Andrew has been instrumental in helping my career develop through the last two moves I have made, and remains an extremely trustworthy source of advice and guidance in my career to this day. My last move was a difficult decision to make given market conditions, but Andrew helped me realise that remaining passive in a job with few development opportunities was not where I wanted to be. As a result I moved into a much more challenging role, in a more dynamic organisation, and have since taken advantage of fantastic career development opportunities.

Over the years Andrew has never approached me to discuss a role that wasn’t in some way attractive, and I think that’s the mark of a results driven recruitment professional who takes a genuine interest in his clients.

More recently, I have worked with Andrew to recruit new candidates into my current team, and have seen first-hand the way in which he can leverage his extensive network to source candidates who are not known to other recruitment firms, and who may not even be actively looking to change role. His approach in understanding our organisation and specific team requirements has led to candidates being proposed on a very selective basis. Personally, I firmly believe that my personal career and recruitment needs are best served by Andrew and Vero.”

Senior Accountant - E&P


Vero solves all the usual challenges when recruiting

“I have worked with Andrew for many years when I needed to recruit a new team member. Andrew understands my requirements and ensures that the candidates that are selected are in line with the brief. Andrew is incredibly trustworthy and I appreciate the honest and open communication that you can have with him. This was the first time I recruited with Vero – what a great experience! The process, overviews and delivery were at the top level of professionalism. Andrew and Becca have built a great brand in Vero that solves all the usual challenges when recruiting – Congratulations!”

Finance Director


Truly first class

"Right from the initial brief, through to interview strategy, feedback and manging expectations of the role, Andrew provided an exceptional and very personal and professional service...truly first class"

Financial Controller


In a league of their own

"Andrew and Becca have worked with me on a number of positions and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. They ooze professionalism in everything they do.

Their approach is refreshing and in a league of their own. Andrew invests time to understand the business culture, the individual role and the personalities in the team in order to present the best candidates. I haven’t worked with anyone else that cares as much as Andrew about finding the right ‘fit’ for both the candidate and the business both in terms of skills and personality.

Vero’s seamless process from start to finish has resulted in a successful outcome on every occasion."

Group Finance Manager


A totally different experience

"It had been a number of years since I had last used a recruiter and this time was a totally different experience.

Andrew listened to my thoughts and helped me to clarify my options.

Every step of the way I was guided and put at ease, both before and after accepting the job.

Couldn’t recommend them highly enough"

Finance Manager


The level of service is exceptional and really sets Vero apart

"Having used Vero for a number of senior finance appointments, I have always found Andrew delivers a thorough, comprehensive and diligent recruitment service. Andrew really listens to what the requirements are and provides a shortlist of candidates well suited to both the role in terms of experience and personality.

Andrew invests the time in gaining an understanding of the role and the culture of the company he is recruiting for, and it is evident that he spends time getting to know the candidates to ensure he puts forward only the most suitable candidates for each role.

The level of service is exceptional and really sets Vero apart."

Financial Controller


Above and beyond

"Andrew and Becca went above and beyond to help and support me during my pursuit to make the next move in my career. Andrew has great knowledge and experience of the accounting discipline and offered fantastic and honest advice.

Andrew took the time to really understand what sort of role I would be interested in and only ever presented me with roles which would be a suitable fit. Andrew and Becca were very hands on and always available for a call and took the time to help prepare me for interviews which really helped calm my nerves and boost my confidence.

I was very fortunate that Andrew managed to place me in the perfect role."

Corporate Finance Analyst


Thank you

"The service received from Vero was exceptional.

Andrew and Becca both took the time to get to know me as a person and learn about my past roles to enable them to send me relevant and suitable jobs. Since Vero specialise in Accounting jobs I felt confident that they had the knowledge and experience to find me the perfect job.

Having trained and worked in practice for almost ten years I was anxious to take a step into a different industry but Andrew provided me with detailed job descriptions to help make the decision easier. The job specifications always contained so much information about the company, role and benefits that I found lacked in potential roles received from other recruitment agencies. Andrew was always willing to help with any questions and also helped me prepare for any interviews.

Thank you for helping me take the next step in my career."

Senior Accountant


Very easy to work with

"I found Vero Recruitment very easy to deal with from start to finish. Andrew took the time to understand my profile and the sort of role that would interest me. After the initial discussion, I felt Andrew only sent on roles he considered would match what I was looking for, rather than sending on all roles available. This shows Vero take the time to focus on relevant opportunities that would work for both the company and the potential candidate.

Throughout the interview process, it was clear Andrew only works with companies who share similar values to Vero. Andrew provided a very detailed job profile which included company information as well as detailed job descriptions - a very professional and detailed job pack. Andrew maintained conversation from the application to interviews to the offer stage. At no point did I feel pressured throughout the process.

Vero is definitely a company I would use again, whether it from a personal point of view or encouraging the company I work for to continue to use going forward."

Finance Manager


The attentive approach provided to both candidates and clients really is second to none.

'Andrew is an absolute pleasure to work with and delivers an outstanding service. The attentive approach provided to both candidates and clients really is second to none.

Andrew has taken the time to get to know me over the years and truly understands my aspirations and motivations. I trust him completely, value his honest and open communication and appreciate that he has been with me every step of the way.

Thank you very much for your support. All the very best with Vero.'

Financial Controller


I felt cared for

"Working with Vero was such a different experience.

Through every step of the process I felt cared for, with Andrew focussing on what was right for ME personally, rather than simply filling vacancies.

The role I initially applied for went to another candidate, however the way Andrew handled the situation made me feel confident enough to accept their counter-proposal without hesitation.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Vero to any of my peers, as I'm confident they have a candidates best interests at heart, always."

Finance Manager


Professional and considered

"I knew from personal experience as a candidate that working with Andrew was a great experience – he takes the time to consider your skills, aspirations and personal goals in order to match you to the right role.

When I found myself on the other side and hiring, I immediately approached Vero, knowing that the service would be professional and considered.

He and Becca do a fantastic job, and I would highly recommend Vero to both hiring managers and candidates looking for the next step in their career."

Head of Corporate Finance


First class

“I have known Andrew for a while and have always found him extremely professional and easy to deal with, and very knowledgeable of the local market.

It is the first class communication throughout the recruitment process which sets Vero’s service apart; Andrew is always available to deal with any questions and to advise throughout the recruitment process, and he responds extremely quickly.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Vero to anybody else involved in this part of the industry.”

Head of Internal Audit


They care so much about their candidates

"The service provided from Vero is nothing short of brilliant! I have never worked with a recruitment company that care so much about their candidates or placing the right people in the right positions.

I had known Andrew for quite some time before placing me in this role. Andrew has always taken the time to get to know me and my family and what my values and strengths are. Hence when the position I am placed in now came up, Andrew knew it was the right fit for me.

He was 100% there for me through the whole process, giving me a more than detailed description about the role and the company that I was being put forward for. Having a meeting with me before my first interview, which helped me focus on what I was going to say at the interview. Most importantly Andrew knew my strengths and told me just to be honest why I wanted to work for the company. Andrew was there for me through the whole process, it’s the personal touch that matters and Andrew and Becca certainly provide that service, before during and after the recruitment process.

I would highly recommend anyone working with Vero whether you are a candidate or an employer, a more professional and personal service you wont find anywhere else."

Senior Accountant


The whole process runs like clockwork

“The breadth of experience that the Vero team have built up over the years most definitely shines though, the whole process runs like clockwork and their model of placing roles on an exclusive basis really helps add that personal touch. Andrew is genuinely interested to find out what it is you’re looking for in a role so that you can work together to find a new one that’s just right for you, his advice is spot on! Would I recommend Vero Recruitment? In. A. Heartbeat!

P.S. it’s pronounced “vey-ro” as in “pharaoh”...although maybe it should be “vee-ro” as in “hero” because that’s what they are!"

Financial Controller


A level of professionalism and care I’ve never experienced before

"Andrew was the most supportive recruiter I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

I was always at ease speaking with Andrew and he displayed a level of professionalism and care I’ve never experienced before when working with recruiters.

Andrew had clearly taken the time to understand his clients’ requirements and from first contacting me, he maintained regular contact to provide as much information, support and advice as he could. He is a great listener and made sure he knew not only my career aspirations but also my personal situation to ensure any roles he brought to me would excite me.

The team at Vero are extremely approachable and continued to keep in touch with me throughout the process, and quickly supported me with any queries I had. Having now secured my new role through Vero, Andrew has kept in touch with me regularly to make sure I am happy and settling in.

Andrew and Becca are evidently passionate about what they do and their modern approach is genuine, honest, personal and refreshing. I wouldn’t hesitate to turn to them again should I need to, or recommend them to anyone looking for an expert in financial recruitment.

Thank you Andrew for your support and friendship."

Finance Manager


Recruitment partner of choice

"Andrew’s pragmatic and considered approach makes him the recruitment partner of choice for candidates and clients. A great listener who takes the time to understand issues and devise a tailored solution, shaped by his technical expertise, interpersonal skills and sound judge of character. His open and transparent communication is refreshing and for that reason I have no hesitation in reaching out to Andrew to seek his opinion. Andrew is a valuable business and recruitment partner for anyone in the accounting and finance sector"



They put my needs above everything else

"As soon as Vero Recruitment reached out to me and arranged a video call to discuss my requirements with the next move in my career, I immediately felt a personal touch that no other recruiter had offered.

Andrew was very supportive and honest and I felt he put my needs and wants above anything else with the roles he put me forward for and advice he gave. We would also discuss the role face to face (virtually) prior to the interview which would put me at ease and give me that confidence to go into the interview being the best version of myself.

I can only thank Andrew and Vero for helping to secure the next step in my finance career, and would highly recommend them to any finance professionals looking to make a similar move."

Finance Manager


The process was seamless...we couldn't be happier

"Andrew was professional from the outset of our working relationship to find a suitable Accountant to join our organisation. The process was well thought through, I was impressed by the time Andrew took to understand our business and the type of person we were looking for, which was quite a niche set of skills. The process was seamless from start to finish and we couldn’t be happier with the candidate we have secured. I look forward to working with Vero again in the future."

HR Advisor


Vero ARE different

"My experience of a traditional recruitment firm is that they are aware of some key 'buzz' words and phrases, that these specifics are on your CV, and the recruiter will match these to a position. Vero are different. They have a deeper understanding of the finance discipline; and it's clear they recognise how the sector works and how each position fits into the wider picture within a business/team.

From a candidate perspective, Andrew took the time to understand my technical capability, strengths and my planned career path. After our first meeting Andrew kept in touch regularly and then only proposed a role to me which was a very close match to what we had discussed. This person centred approach made me self-reflect on 'what does success look like' and his guidance and trust was pivotal to finding a position that aligned with this vision.

Becca and Andrew are passionate and driven recruitment consultants with a concept that will create unrivalled business partnerships between clients and candidates."

Senior Accountant


It's that personal touch that really makes Vero stand out

"Deciding to change jobs at anytime of your life is a daunting process, you feel torn between the comfort of what you know and wanting something different, worrying if it will be the right move for you. Working with Vero really alleviated this worry for me. Andrew gets to know you as a person and doesn't just send you every available position which may loosely fit your experience. He really looks at the bigger picture, considering the culture of the business and your personality, the team fit and the prospects for you within the role. It's that personal touch that really makes Vero stand out from other recruitment agencies.

In my previous job moves I have used agents and although they were never negative experiences, working with Vero just felt different. The whole process went smoothly, I was kept up to date throughout the whole process. You really get the impression that Andrew and Becca really care about your move and making sure it is the right fit for all parties."

Tax Manager


Second to none

Having worked with Vero both as a client and a candidate, I can confidently say that the service they provide is second to none. Andrew and Becca have a genuine passion for getting to know people and businesses, and their holistic approach to recruitment is a breath of fresh air.

Finance Director


The most trustworthy recruiter I've ever worked with

"It was clear from the second I started dealing with Andrew that the approach Vero takes to recruitment is totally different.

Not only does Andrew have a great deal of experience of recruiting within the accounting field, making him an expert at picking the right talent, he is also an expert judge of character which enables him to find the right company for his candidates or the other way around.

Andrew’s approach is super friendly which makes him a delight to deal with. He is transparent and honest which makes him the most trustworthy recruiter I have ever worked with. He also made himself available prior to the 2 interviews that I had with the company which was super helpful in preparing to meet my new employer.

It is my view that the way Andrew does business is the way every other recruiter should do business as well."



For over ten years I have relied on Andrew and Becca

"For over ten years I have relied on Andrew and Becca for my finance recruitment. I consider them an extension to my team and trust them implicitly. They understand the culture and requirements of the organisation and have an unrivalled understanding of the oil and gas finance market in the area. A combination that make them my go to team."

HR Manager


Efficient process from start to finish

"Straight forward and efficient process. Andrew listened to what we were looking for, understood the job brief and provided a shortlist of candidates that met our brief and requirements.

We have been disappointed in the past with other agencies proving long lists of the same candidates.

The process from start to finish was efficient, even whilst in "lockdown" mode."



Committing to their values

"Vero's competitive advantage lies in committing to its values.

Many people have praised you for your consistency in delivering a quality and personal service, but I think the secret lies in always reinventing yourself/the business through another dimension, to find the motivation and the purpose to provide the same level of service.

From our interactions, I find the things that should be present in all the other recruiters, but unfortunately they're not: good understanding of the role specs and how it fits into the wider company strategy/growth path, being approachable for the interview prep and answering any concerns, following up on the result and listening to the candidate's feedback to learn more about what drives him/her (it's always easier with candidates who know what they want!, if not, leading them to realise themselves what they want), providing regular updates while waiting for the employer's decision etc. I think it's building up the trust and just as with a new role, you know pretty soon if you click or not with the person sitting in front of you/on the other end of the line. As I experienced, even if you know the role is right, you still need that emotional comfort to let go and start a new path, it does help when there is trust.

I am recommending Vero to anyone looking to change jobs, I'm hoping once they have a taste of your way of recruiting, they'll be able to request/expect a better service elsewhere."

Group Finance Manager



"My experience with Vero has been a positive one throughout. Andrew's personal approach to recruitment is really refreshing.

The support I received in preparation for the interview was invaluable and thereafter I was kept up to date every step of the way.

What Andrew and Becca are doing with Vero is unique to recruitment in Aberdeen making them really stand out as being different. They strike the balance of being extremely knowledgeable and professional while maintaining a friendly and understanding manner."

Tax Manager


It was joy to partner with Andrew

"When looking to re-locate, finding an employer that was a good fit for me as an individual was of immense importance. This is something that Andrew's person-centred approach accounted for as he took plenty of time to understand me and my values. It was joy to partner with Andrew through a process where it felt like finding the best fit, rather than the lowest common denominator, was his goal."

Senior Accountant - Practice


Exceptional approach to recruitment

"Vero’s approach to recruitment is exceptional. Throughout the process I was deeply impressed by the way in which they took time to fully understand and articulate the motivations for change. Andrew and Becca equally have a clear passion for what they do, and their ability to offer guidance in a trusting manner is a refreshing approach. I felt communication and guidance was transparent and honest which is key, and I can tell that they genuinely care about the long term relationship with their clients."

Financial Controller


Excellent service again

"We have been working with Andrew for more than 4 years and his service has always been excellent. Andrew’s understanding of the business needs and culture of the organisation enables him to provide us with high calibre applicants. Andrew has always been professional, honest and reliable and I would not hesitate in recommending Vero to anyone."

Head of Human Resources


Highly valued and trustworthy recruiter

"I have used Andrew for recruitment for many years and have found him to be a highly valued and trustworthy recruiter.

He has an expert knowledge of the Finance market and takes time to understand your specific needs and organisational culture before providing a very selective and well researched shortlist. This thorough approach ensures that the recruitment process is as targeted and efficient as possible and I can thoroughly recommend him."

Finance Director


Successful finance placements

"I have worked closely with Andrew on a number of successful finance placements and have always found him to be consistent in terms of the quality of candidates that he presents. It is clear that Andrew takes great care and time to build meaningful relationships with candidates to fully understand their career aspirations and motivations. Andrew also takes pride in sourcing the right candidates for his clients using his expert knowledge of accountancy recruitment. Personally, I have also found Andrew to be hugely supportive to me in my own career as a trusted individual within my professional network. I have no doubt that Andrew has built similar relationships with others in his network which, in my opinion will give him the ability to find exceptional candidates.”

HR Business Partner


Vero’s professional yet friendly manner put me at ease immediately

"I contacted Andrew when I was searching for a position in the Financial sector. He was very accommodating in setting up an online consultation with me. As a professional moving to the UK from abroad, he gave me a clear idea of what to expect of the industry in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, something I wouldn’t have been able to gain without his insight. I recommend Vero Recruitment for anyone who is looking for a personalised and in-depth service".

Financial Controller