Time for reflection

Is it possible to gain the perspective you need to make significant changes to your life without taking some time out from your daily routine and commitments?

Taking stock

Becca and I were in the fortunate position to take a year off work to enable us to analyse where we were as people, as a couple, and as a family. The break was invaluable, allowing us to adjust to being new parents and learning how to look after this wonderful yet challenging bundle of joy; essentially working out how our wee boy fits into our new life, and how we fit into his.

We also asked bigger questions about what we wanted out of life.

We travelled to a range of beautiful places. We soaked up local culture and tried new cuisine. We enjoyed morning runs along deserted beaches. We reignited passions long lost to youth.

We spent time relaxing without the constant barrage of phone calls, emails and meetings. We enjoyed the simpler things in life - morning walks with the pram, coffees with friends, afternoons spent in the garden devouring good books, and lots of laughs and smiles as our baby flourished into a gorgeous wee toddler.

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Missing Recruitment

When we decided to leave our jobs, we knew we had to use the time off wisely. In fact, it was a responsibility which weighed heavily on us as we knew it was a rare, precious gift we had given to ourselves.

What became clear very quickly is that we really missed working together. Of the 12 years we’ve been a couple we’d worked together for ten of them. And when I say together, I mean really together! Mostly in the same room if not at the same desk.

We dabbled with the idea of starting a range of different businesses, but we kept coming back to the question of 'Why?'.

We both really missed recruitment.

Becca had left the industry three years previously and after a very short time away I started to miss the interaction with my clients and candidates. Recruitment can be a soul destroying job at times, but for us the highs always made up for the lows.

We both see recruitment similarly - as a very important service which can literally change lives. A great deal of trust is bestowed upon a recruiter so it’s never been a responsibility either of us have taken lightly.

Making a Difference

The industry comes under fire repeatedly, and we do understand why. Low barriers to entry, poor training, a hire-and-fire mentality, and a lack of proper regulation and standards. All of this results in an industry which at times is a law unto itself. However, we’ve always seen it as a potential source for good. For every negative you hear about recruitment I’m confident that there are thousands of positive stories every day which unfortunately slip under the radar.

Combined, we had gained nearly 25 years experience in a niche market, placing over 1000 people into new jobs. We had developed a deep network of contacts and ultimately helped to change people’s lives for the better. To us, it wasn’t about simply filling jobs. It was about getting to really know people.

The time away had taught us that recruitment remained our passion.

However, it was very clear that we wanted to do it on our terms, opening up a conversation about the part that work plays in our overall happiness in life.

We also wanted to be niche - very niche in fact.

Mid to senior level accountancy and finance recruitment. It’s what we’re good at, it’s where our networks are, it’s the area we have a deep understanding of, and most importantly its where we felt we could add most value.

Realising this, our creative juices started to flow. We were bursting with new ideas. Both of us felt that through the experience we have gained by meeting, interviewing and placing thousands of people - in addition to our own life experience - we now have the ability to make a profound difference.

Vero gives us the mechanism to indulge both of our passions – finding people their dream job and helping people to find themselves.

In answer to our question

Yes, it's definitely possible.

However, it's important that you take some time to evaluate your options if you're embarking on a big life decision such as changing job, or career. Giving yourself clear head space, whether that's for a few days over a weekend, or by taking a sabbatical, often brings a new perspective.

What have you got to lose?

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